I had my first taste of a dehydrated raw cow milk product. I would love to try the real stuff. i think I may venture to one of these farms to get a taste of it.

The Bovine

In a comment on a recent post, Callista asks: “Is there still a way I can get raw milk? I just came back from Florida where my sister-in-law buys it and I really want to start giving this to my family. I live in Richmond Hill. If anyone knows how I can get this please let me know. Thanks!”

The obvious source that would come to mind would be Michael Schmidt of Glencolton Farms. However we understand he’s seriously oversubscribed, has a lengthy waiting list and isn’t taking any more members for the time being.

You’d think that with all the legal brouhaha around Michael Schmidt’s charges and whatnot, that no one else would dare venture into the high-demand, and presumably high-risk, business of supplying raw milk to consumers who want it.

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